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Priority: Keeping our Communities Safe
Keeping our Communities Safe

As a mother-in-law of a police officer and mother to two first responders, Marian has consistently tried to help all of our first responders in Chester County and has always prioritized public safety. 


She believes that everyone has the right to feel safe in their own community, and has worked hard to make Chester County an even safer place to live. She also believes that our state and federal governments must pass common sense gun safety reform to put an end to the senseless tragedies we’ve endured as a result of gun violence. 


A Record of Results:

  • Marian helped launch a safety awareness program to keep bicyclists and pedestrians safe.

  • She has received the endorsement of the local chapter of Fraternal Order of the Police (FOP) for her support of Chester County police.

  • She’s repeatedly advocated for common sense gun reform in our state and federal government.

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