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Fighting for progress in Chester County

I want to ensure opportunities are available to current and future generations of residents who care about fairness, sustainability, good jobs, quality of life, and the dignity of all.

Environmental Safety and Sustainability


As a mother and grandmother, Marian cares deeply about protecting our planet for future generations. She has led the Board of Commissioners in taking strong steps toward combating climate change and protecting Chester County’s open spaces. 

Keeping our Communities Safe


As a mother-in-law of a police officer and mother to two first responders, Marian has consistently tried to help all of our first responders in Chester County and has always prioritized public safety. 

Standing Up for Women's Health


Marian is a proud pro-choice Commissioner who will always stand up for women’s reproductive freedom and access to abortion. Everybody has the fundamental right to make their own choices about their futures, and politicians should not insert themselves between a person and their doctor. 

A Healthy and Prosperous Chester County


As a community developer, Marian has spent her career reinventing properties to ensure that all members of the community can benefit from an area’s economic growth. As Commissioner, Marian has continued to prioritize responsible development. 

Senior and Veteran Services


Seniors and veterans are some of our most valued citizens. Under Marian’s leadership, the Board of Commissioners has focused on providing better services to those who have given back to and sacrificed so much for our community.

Opioid Crisis


Addiction does not discriminate; it affects people of every race, religion, and income level. As Chairwoman of the Board Commissioners, one of Marian’s top priorities has been to tackle the opioid crisis in the county.

Transportation and Infrastructure


Marian has been committed to expanding public transportation and investing in infrastructure. This makes our communities more vibrant, encourages employers to open offices in the county, and gives our residents access to good jobs. She is committed to making the county more accessible by public transportation and to strengthening the county’s infrastructure.

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