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Fighting for progress in Chester County

I want to ensure opportunities are available to current and future generations of residents who care about fairness, sustainability, good jobs, quality of life, and the dignity of all.

Environmental Safety and Sustainability


Climate change is dramatically affecting communities across the country and right here in Chester County. If we fail to take the necessary steps toward a sustainable future, the result could be devastating for our children and future generations.

Protecting Our Communities from Gun Violence


We have lost too many of our friends and neighbors in Chester County due to senseless gun violence. As county commissioner, Marian will be a strong advocate to all levels of government for common-sense gun safety reform to protect our loved ones from harm.

Standing Up for Women's Health


At all levels of government, women’s reproductive rights and healthcare options have been under attack. Women deserve the right to make their own personal health decisions, and we need strong legislators that will protect this right. As our next commissioner, Marian will work with state and national lawmakers to ensure that women’s healthcare choices are never taken away.

A Healthy and Prosperous Chester County


As individuals and families increasingly choose Chester County for their homes and workplaces, we must ensure the safety and prosperity for all our residents. We must also strive to revitalize those communities which have not yet benefited from recent economic growth.

Senior and Veteran Services


Our seniors and veterans are some of our most valued citizens. Rather than continuing to cut back and marginalize members of communities that have given so much, it’s about time our County Commission focused on providing better services to them.

Opioid Crisis


Addiction does not discriminate; it affects people of all different backgrounds. While all levels of government have stepped up efforts to end this epidemic, too many lives are still being lost — we must do more at the county level.

Transportation and Infrastructure


With Chester County’s ever-growing appeal as a bedroom community for the Philadelphia region, we must work towards finding and implementing thoughtful solutions for transportation challenges.

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