Priority: Environmental Safety and Sustainability
Environmental Safety and Sustainability

Climate change is dramatically affecting communities across the country and right here in Chester County. If we fail to take the necessary steps toward a sustainable future, the result could be devastating for our children and future generations.


Under current leadership, Chester County has failed to implement a plan that will improve our environmental outlook, and we can no longer afford inaction from the board.


As County Commissioner, Marian will create and implement a countywide sustainability plan with a task force that will suggest new policies to help keep our government services running efficiently and sustainably. She will demand strict safety requirements to protect our residents from reckless pipeline companies and will encourage new green energy solutions to lessen our dependence on energy sources that can be harmful to our environment.

As part of my devotion to protecting the natural beauty found in Chester County, I plan to strive onward with the county's goals for open space programs. Since their inception in 1989, these programs have worked to preserve our most precious resources, and the results are breathtaking. Renovated public parks and recreation opportunities, protected ecosystems, restoration of public land, etc; these efforts benefit the public by increasing quality of life, providing fun and healthy recreation opportunities, and environmental conservation.