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Priority: Opioid Crisis
Opioid Crisis

Addiction does not discriminate; it affects people of every race, religion, and income level. As Chairwoman of the Board Commissioners, one of Marian’s top priorities has been to tackle the opioid crisis in the county.


Marian has worked to increase county health resources and build partnerships with healthcare and community support groups to ensure that those affected by the opioid crisis have affordable access to the care and treatment they need.


A Record of Results:

  • Under Marian’s leadership, the county signed onto an opioid settlement between Pennsylvania and pharmaceutical companies. The county received $15.5 million to go toward treating and preventing opioid addiction.

  • Marian led the adoption of a long-term plan to prevent and treat opioid addiction. The county has one of the most comprehensive anti-opioid initiatives in the state.

  • Marian approved a resolution that called on the state for increased funding for community-based mental health programs.

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