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Chester Canvass Kickoff

Chester County Democrats are on the verge of historic progress in 2019: building local power, flipping the PA Superior Court, and solidifying Chester County as an anti-Trump powerhouse for 2020!

Just three days before Election Day 2019, come get the vote out at our canvass kickoff with Tom Wolf, Josh Shapiro, and Chester County Democrats' full slate of candidates!

After the kickoff, volunteers will take to the streets and the phones in support of Democrats up and down the ballot, including: - Judge Dan McCaffery for Superior Court - Amanda Green-Hawkins for Superior Court - Josh Maxwell for Chester County - Marian Moskowitz for Commissioner - Deb Ryan for District Attorney - Countywide and local Dems across the ballot

The event is free and open to anyone who'd like to help elect Democrats. Please RSVP officially at


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