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Marian Moskowitz and Josh Maxwell Are Attempting to Make History

"Will this be the election when Democrats win two of the seats on the three-person Chester County Board of Commissioners? During the Primary Election in May, more Democrats went to the polls than Republicans. There were 30,070 ballots cast on the Democratic side, while Republicans cast 26,272 ballots. Total voter turnout across the county was at 19.60 percent. Democrats turned out at 21.75 percent, while Republicans turned out at 17.68 percent. Many of the races throughout Chester County could be tight enough to be decided based on get-out-the-vote efforts.

In the race for three seats on the Chester County Board of Commissioners, Democrats Josh Maxwell and Marian Moskowitz could make a little bit of history if they manage to win two seats, tipping the board in their party’s favor."


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