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The Republican Registration Advantage is the Smallest it has been in modern history

While the voter registration gap in Chester County between Republicans and Democrats continues to shrink ahead of the Nov. 5 General Election, the heads of the county’s two major parties have differing thoughts on what impact the turmoil in state and national capitals will have on local election results.

As of last Wednesday, current registrations in the county show a total of 352,035 voters, far short of the record 357,307 number of voters in 2018, but significantly more than the 345,528 registrants in the 2017 municipal election, when Democratic candidates swept four row office seats at the county level.

Of the total, a plurality are still registered Republicans, with 148,422 voters, or 42 percent, compared with 141,446 Democrats, or 40 percent. There are 62,467 voters who are registered in third parties such as the Libertarian or Green parties, or who claim no party identification.


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